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Rediscover Your Health

{Fully Rooted} is a raw cold- pressed juice company which wants to bring awareness, health and vitality to the consumer one glass of juice at a time. Here at { Fully Rooted}, we take health and the environment very seriously and work very diligently to support the two! The body is capable of not only healing itself but also can prevent health conditions as well with proper balance and nutrition of mind, body and spirit! We have all experienced this first hand and work to share our message.

What Makes us Different?


Don’t sacrifice taste for health. Our juice is balanced and consistent. We are extremely precise with our recipes so that you can taste every ingredient in our juice.


This method preserves nutrients in the fruits and veggies being juiced because they do not oxidize due to heat or grinding blades, thus allowing the enzymes, proteins, minerals, and phytonutrients to remain intact.

Raw & Unproccessed

Our juices are not preserved by heat pasteurization or HPP (High Pressure Processed) leaving the ingredients in their purest form.

Local Ingredients

We source as many local ingredients as we can, while working to use even more.  We know who we buy from and the story behind each tray of wheatgrass or bunch of kale.



Summer Farmers Markets


East Greenwich Farmers Market
Eldredge Elementary
101 1st Avenue, East Greenwich RI
Last Market on 10/3

Jamestown Farmers Market
Fort Getty Pavilion
913 Fort Getty Road, Jamestown RI


Whole Foods (Cranston) Market
151 Sockanosset Cross Road, Cranston RI
Last Market on 10/25


Aquidneck Growers Market
Memorial Blvd, Newport RI
Last Market on 10/26


Providence Armory Market
Cranston Armory
Parade St And Hudson St, Providence
Last Market on 10/27


Goddard Park Farmers Market
345 Ives Rd, Warwick RI
Last Market on 10/28


Coastal Growers Market
Casey Farm, Saunderstown RI
Last Market on 10/29

Hope St. Farmers Market
Lippit Park, Providence RI
Last Market on 10/29

URI/East Farm Farmers Market
2095 Kingstown Rd. South Kingstown, RI
Last Market on 10/29


School Yard Market
Hope & Main
691 Main Street, Warren RI
Last Market on 10/2

Fishermen’s Memorial Park
1011 Point Judith Road, Narragansett RI
Last Market on 10/30

Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

Our bodies have natural detox systems built right in, but in order for them to work, we need to give them the opportunity by resting the digestive system and giving our body everything it needs: pure water and a wide variety of powerful nutrients accompanied by their live enzymes.
Cleaning your body of toxins, which is constantly exposed to via food, beverages and environment, will bring about:

  • Mental Clarity

  • More Energy

  • Radiant Skin

  • More Restful Sleep

  • Less Allergy Symptoms

  • Enhanced Spirituality


We support our local Farmers

Working with local growers has been extremely fulfilling. Building such relationships is vital to any strong community and we love do to our part.

Learn about our Farmers


Nothing goes to waste

In addition to our reusable bottle program to minimize plastic cup usage, we also give our juice pulp to farmers to use as pig feed or to be composted.

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Our Blog

12-Step Reset & Grow

September 1, 2016
We have all been at a place in our lives where we need to stop, take a breath, and figure out what on God’s green earth are we doing?! When you feel this way, it’s a great indicator to dive within and do some work on yourself. Not like physical work such as going to the gym or getting a haircut, but deeper than that. The type of work that can take your life to the next level and give you the clarity needed to make big, exciting decisions. Here’s the 12 steps you can perform every day for as long as you need to. This reset requires you to fully immerse yourself into the practices and work. Make the time to do so with minimal distractions. Take a stay-cation from work and/or school, or structure it in a way to work around your day-to-day responsibilities. But limit distractions and physical stressors. Daily prayer (1-2 motivational quotes or vids) 2. Exercise (then give your body nourishment) Read something meaningful, spiritual, inspiring! Meditate (for as long as you want!) Write a journal/diary entry Cleanse your body with a relaxing shower or bath Make or buy some cold-pressed juice and enjoy! 30-60 minutes of gratitude practice and then searching for your purpose in life 30-60 minutes of job searching You’ve already cleansed your body, now cleanse your home/environment… Clean! Read up on and practice some relationship improvement techniques that you can share with your partner and/or loved ones Consciously do or say something kind to another… Feel free to do this more than once, and for the rest of your life! Use this as a template for working on the important areas of your life. Add or subtract anything from this list that may work better or not work for you. But remember the most important thing, give yourself the time you need to gently work on yourself and discover your true nature. Namastè  

Nature Hiking: It’s In Our DNA

May 18, 2016
Being outdoors, in a green space, and close to nature is good for the mind, body, and soul. Numerous studies show that proximity to nature and/or a natural environment decreases stress, increases serotonin, enhances calm, and provides the desire to connect with your body and the world around you. The ability to be happy within our body and mind is directly related to our sense of wellness or well-being. Anyone who wants to add an edge of physical fitness and perhaps see varying aspects and locations within the natural world, can get those benefits from nature hiking with the added goodness of a physical fitness regimen. While rummaging through some of my digital files recently, I came across this gem from the past Fall when me and my boys summited Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts. It was a challenging hike, especially for a 6 year-old and a 30 year-old with a little guy on his back. But, OH MAN was it fun! We met some great people, overcame some difficult terrain, and got to see some amazing views from a vantage point of 3,400 feet! I highly recommend the beautiful, and very much doable, hike up this mountain to anybody willing to step outdoors and conquer a mountain in New England! The purpose of this blog is to share with you all the importance and incredibleness of nature and being in it. To play off of our company name: being in nature is allowing yourself to be fully rooted in the natural habitat of the human race. Nature is in our DNA. It is where we came from and what we know all too well on a primordial level. Which is why it should be no surprise that recent studies reveal that being in nature and/or a natural environment yields better health and a happier life. Wow! “The key to better health may be as easy as stepping outside,” says one University of Illinois researcher, which is elaborated in the link provided below. She also goes on to say that, “Exposure to nature increases people’s health outcomes even when interest in nature isn’t high and when socioeconomic status is considered.” Here is the link to a wonderful article about the importance and benefits of being in nature and stepping into the outdoors: Outdoor Exposure Good for Your Health I dare you to plan a nature hike and take the necessary action to get outdoors and do so. It is amazing, liberating, and all-too natural on so many levels. The nice weather is finally among us and begging you to take advantage of it. The cool thing is that being with nature isn’t only for a certain type of person; it’s for all of us! Young, old, big, small, slow and fast! EVERYONE To fresh air, Mike & the Fully Rooted Crew    

No Gym, No Worries

May 11, 2016
This blog post with attached video directly applies to those who are exercise enthusiasts, but can be universally applied to anyone willing to commit to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Which is the reason why we are posting this, in hopes to help those who are looking for ways to keep fit and get their bodies moving! Yay! So anyway, let’s get on with it… Featured here in the video is Mike, one of the Fully Rooted owners, getting a quick workout in while his youngest son naps and the other one is at school. His day is full, so it is important not to overdo it with the workout and neglect any other important areas of his life. A nice way to get your metabolism up and initiate some muscle maintenance and/or growth is to run a circuit workout. A circuit workout is comprised of a variety of exercises being performed one after the other. Completion of one circuit is called a cycle. It is best to complete at least 3 cycles of the circuit workout (maybe more depending on how much time you have and how motivated you are feeling!). Some key benefits of a circuit workout are as followed: Spikes up metabolism quick Faster metabolism burns fat and provides energy throughout the entire day Performing anaerobic (muscle workout) and aerobic (cardiovascular workout) at the same time; in other words: MUSCLE & CARDIO It’s FUN! It’s FAST! No need to drive anywhere, set up anything, waste time. You can do a circuit workout with just YOU and some basic workout equipment Gives you a mental boost Spikes endorphin; you’ll be feeling MIGHTY GOOD! Those are just some of the benefits of circuit training. There are plenty more, which you will undoubtedly experience. Now, if you are hesitant because you have always done the same workout routine… FOREVER… don’t fret too much because this workout is simple and quick and if you are just not into it then don’t do it EVER again. Period. Mike has been in between gym memberships recently and needs to be creative in order to stay in shape and keep up with his exercising. If an avid gym-goer stops going to the gym due to membership expiration or minor injury, then it is easy to become stagnant and not workout as much, if at all. This can and will ultimately lead to not only muscle loss and less endurance and metabolic activity, but we promise that mentally you will not feel good either! So, until you get back into a gym (like Mike is planning on doing soon), or even as a simple supplementation workout in addition to going to the gym, do some circuit workouts at home. Even begin to do them OUTSIDE since the weather is feeling nice now! This is just another way to live a FULL LIFE and remain ROOTED in the important areas of your life: Physical, Mental, Spiritual. *HINT* Always follow up your workouts with a delicious, nutritious protein-rich smoothie/shake,

Hemp Mylk: the Sustainable Powerhouse of Milks

May 6, 2016
It’s not what you think. For those of you who aren’t quite sure, Hemp is the cannabis plant that does not produce a psychoactive effect due to the extremely low THC content (what gets a person high in hemp’s sister plant – Marijuana). It’s perfectly legal to use in the US for foods, personal hygiene and many more things. Now, why did we decide to use it for making “Mylk”?    A few months ago, we came very close to releasing an Almond Milk product line.  While experimenting with recipes, it came to our attention that Almonds were getting a bad rap in California for using too much water while the state is experiencing a terrible drought.  The statistic that 1 almond uses a gallon of water to grow became common knowledge to many Californians.  Almond farmers are using oil drilling equipment to dig wells thousands of feet deep to tap into ground water that takes a very long time to replenish supply.  It was also reported “that a 1,200-square-mile swath of the southern Central Valley—a landmass more than twice the size of Los Angeles—had been sinking by as much as 11 inches per year, because the water table had fallen from excessive pumping.” With this information at hand, we at Fully Rooted could not contribute to this unsustainable practice.  Although a very popular and growing trend, Almonds didn’t have to be our nut/seed of choice for alternative milk. We’ve also learned other parts of the Almond story such as the orchards preserving the land and preventing it from becoming a barren desert like much of the other land in California once used as farmland.  Even if this is so, the Almond industry is only expanding, as the demand for California Almonds in other parts of the world such as Asia and Europe grows steadily, we could not be a part of that reason for expansion. With the idea of using Hemp, a very sustainably cultivated crop in Canada, came other benefits over Almonds as well.  One being that we can keep our facility nut-free. Another being that Hemp provides all 10 Essential Amino Acids.  Read about the many others below, which are not all unique to Hemp. Some Benefits of Hemp Mylk: Strengthened Immune System Clear, Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails Strong, Healthy Heart Increased Mental Capacity Hemp has anti-inflammatory agents and improves circulation. – Great for those with Arthiritis Great for those with a Nut Allergy Unlike Cow’s Milk, it’s easy for the body to digest. Hemp grows without the need for chemicals or additional water supply In a single 8oz glass of Hemp Milk, you may find: 900mg Omega-3 Fatty Acid 2800mg Omega-6 Fatty Acid All 10 Essential Amino Acids 4 grams of Digestible Protein 46% of RDA of Calcium 0% Cholesterol Potassium Phosphorous Riboflavin Vitamin A Vitamin E Vitamin B12 Folic Acid Vitamin D Magnesium Iron Zinc and more… Does not contain: Sugar Cholesterol Soy Gluten Preservatives (like sodium benzoate) Thickeners (like Carageenan) When creating a new product at Fully Rooted, we believe