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You’ve had a long day. Your body feels completely drained by 3:00pm, but you know there is so much more that needs to be done before you retire for the night. This can be frustrating and exhausting. However, the solution to your problem lies right in your refrigerator, waiting for you to make the move.

Juicing restores vital nutrients and minerals to your body that may have been loss just due to a normal day of working, walking, thinking, and talking. Simple stuff that we do all of the time takes energy. Sure, it may be small amounts of energy, but it adds up! Now throw malnutrition or a vitamin deficiency into the mix, and that is a recipe for disaster (or naps!). Drinking a 10-12 ounce juice packed with your favorite fruits and vegetables will give you a boost of energy to make you feel alive and productive for the rest of the day!

Many people rely on energy drinks and excessive coffee to perk them up out of the zombie-like state they may be in when mid-afternoon begins to roll around. It’s a fact that the hours between 1:00pm and 4:00pm are where the majority of people feel the most tired, so a quick fix is extremely appealing. But stop loading your body up (the only body you have) with artificial and unhealthy substances. You’re ultimately masking the problem, and will eventually have to deal with it at some point. The problem is the malnutrition and deficiencies from life-sustaining vitamins and micronutrients. We now live in a world that is fixated on convenience, so what if I was to tell you that there is a convenient way to get a healthy source of energy? JUICE! Juicing will consistently and honestly flood your body, from the feet up, with buzzing happiness and bursting color that will leave you feeling alive and well. It is sustainable. It is obtainable.

Give yourself what you deserve!

{Fully Rooted} in the now…

“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don't go back to sleep.”  ― Rumi
“The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep.”
― Rumi


I am tucked away in the Vermont woods in my little perfect cabin, in need of some time to reflect, explore and recharge. As I sit here completely alone for the night I revel in the beautiful sound of the rain hitting the tin roof. It’s a sound that grounds and roots me to the earth. A sound I never ever get tired of. I remember sitting in my garage as a child with my grandparents who I adored listening and watching the rain and storms. It always gave me this peaceful feeling I feel today.
The wood stove keeps me warm on this cool damp night. This creates the perfect conditions to really do some inner work. To get to some root issues. It is necessary to not only take care of my physical body with proper nutrition but to also care for my mind and spirit as well. Giving myself permission and space to DO nothing and just BE brings up uncomfortabilities and insecurities that i can then begin to work on. I am working on these very things even as I write this. It’s putting myself in a comfortable capsule where I can relax enough to allow the uncomfortable “demons” to surface and to still be in  a strong enough state to be aware, feel them, label them then watch and let them go. Time is funny for me and for all of us. Sometimes we don’t have enough, sometimes too much. But being FULLY ROOTED in the moment, time doesn’t exist at all. It’s in this space where I can really live, be free and grow!

– Claudia  Carlson

Juicing for Autoimmune Digestive Disorders

We are Fully Rooted in the belief that juicing can heal and balance the body to where it needs to be in order for a life full of happiness and love. It has done it and continues to do it for the eight members of this business, and it can do it for you as well!

Autoimmune diseases can take on many shapes and forms. Another part of the body that these particular diseases can wreak havoc on is the digestive system. It may be a number of things contributing to either the slow of quick development of a digestive disorder. Foods we eat, environments we are exposed to, contact with bacteria that were able to thrive in a particular setting. The list goes on and on, but what the only thing that matters to someone who is suffering from a digestive disorder is being able to find comfort and tricks to help alleviate the pain and anguish that is involved with one (or more) of these diseases. Some common autoimmune digestive disorders include:

Celiac disease, when ingestion of gluten causes the immune system to attack the small intestine.

Crohn’s disease, a disorder that causes the immune system to beat up the entire digestive tract.

Ulcerative Colitis, a very similar disease to Crohn’s, occurs when the immune system attacks the lining of the rectum and colon, leaving ulcers.

All autoimmune digestive disorders are results of the immune system attacking the body, in this case the digestive system. This particular system of the body is very vital because it is what allows us to freely eat and get the key nutrients that we need for a quality life. Maintaining a good, quality life is not so easy when you have a storm going on inside of your body and you feel out of control and helpless. Some regular symptoms that you may see with every digestive disorder are diarrhea, vomiting, mild to excruciating abdominal pain (in one or more areas of the abdomen), fatigue and weakness, rapid fluctuation in body weight, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, and much more. It is a nightmare, and one that is very difficult to wake up from. Besides the inflammation that is seizing your body internally, someone with an autoimmune digestive disorder can also find themselves depressed, hopeless, frustrated, and uncertain about themselves and everything around them.


Fully Rooted would like to share with you that raw cold-pressed juicing can help ease your physical and mental pain. Juicing gives your body the rare micro nutrients without the fiber of the fruit and vegetable. It is easily passed through your digestive tract and effortlessly absorbed into your cells, making them happy! With a consistent juice plan, preferably 2-3 times a day, the inflammation of your digestive system will decrease and your energy will increase. Your body’s immune system will strengthen and begin to realize the difference between good and bad bacteria within the body. Think of the autoimmune digestive disorder as a battle inside of the body and juicing as the peacemaker. Over time, with faith and consistency, juicing restores peace, balance and happiness to every aspect of the body. Essentially we are giving our bodies everything that it has always wanted and needed, straight from natures goodness. Juicing is natural, it is basic… it’s Fully Rooted.

Boost Children's Nutrition with the Power of Juice


Kids are in a constant state of growth. Their bodies are in great demand of the highest quality foods possible to enrich their inevitable growth and build a foundation of all-around health. The process is easy once the body gets the nutrition that it needs, but getting your children to consistently eat or drink nutritiously is the hard part. Taste, texture, and the marketing of the product play a huge role in how our children eat and drink. It is nice to see more and more health-driven food companies market their products towards the younger crowd, but let’s be honest, it still is not making the difference that we need if we want to change the poor eating habits that the majority of people are stuck in. It is up to us to surround our little ones with food and beverage that will allow them to flourish in their lives. This is where juicing comes in. It is the key to the door that will lead to a more healthier and happier lifestyle. When your child is old enough, don’t you give them a spare key to their home in case of emergency and for general peace of mind? Well, what if you found out that not only could you give your child a key to shelter, but to also good health. Raw cold-pressed juicing does just that.

Whether it is a dozen different fruits and vegetables being juiced or just two types, the result is the same: an abundance of vitamins and micro-nutrients into your child’s body, immediately. This amount of concentrated nutrients (primarily made up of micro-nutrients, phytochemicals, minerals, pro vitamins, and amazing antioxidants) simply cannot be consumed daily with a typical adult diet…  never mind your child’s. But almost anyone can drink 10-12 ounces of juice at least once a day. That is all it takes. One glass = Pure Health. 

Our juice is made by pushing fresh fruits and vegetables through an auger style juicer (http://site.juicerdepot.com/Types_of_Juicers.html). There are different types of juicers, all good for different reasons, but we find this type to be the most efficient when considering quality and cost. You get high quality, unheated juice that is ready for you to drink as is or strained (some fibrous pulp remains in the juice). A little tip: strain all kid’s juices, they will definitely enjoy it better and decrease the possibility of them not liking it. It is a fairly simple three-step process that you can actually involve your kids in to elevate the experience a little more and make it fun for the whole family. First wash and cut the produce. Next, juice! With an auger style juicer you push the fruits and vegetables down through the “drum” and watch the pulp come out the end, while the raw cold-pressed juice drains out of the bottom into your drinking container of choice. Lastly, and this is purely optional, you strain the juice (using an appropriately sized strainer). Enjoy!

It is our responsibility to provide our children the finest nutrients that are available to us. Cold-pressed juicing is the answer, and a fun and exciting one at that! It is the ultimate way to make a shift in health for the next generation. Every child should have a “juicstache”! Try it for yourself or contact us at Fully Rooted to either provide you with the juice itself or ways to educate and inform yourself if you are interested in incorporating a juicing regiment into your life.

Happy Juicing!

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