Elevate Your Immune System with Ginger & Reishi

We brew Kombucha for its health benefits, taste, and the work it’s doing to our gut. Each new flavor we introduce is specifically designed to be beneficial to our bodies but also provides a pure, artisanal taste. 

So we present to you Ginger Reishi, a fusion of Ginger, locally grown Reishi mushroom and organic, caffeine-free Nettle tea.

As the seasons change and we put our bathing suits away, we welcome busy schedules and colder weather. A potential way to keep our immune systems elevated is with Reishi mushroom. Reishi mushroom contains chemicals that seem to have a variety of potentially beneficial effects, including activity against tumors (cancer) and beneficial effects on the immune system. Long ago in China, Reishi mushrooms were referred to as the “mushrooms of immortality”. This may sound a little melodramatic but new research suggests there are correlations with using the mushroom for improving immune function in select studies. 

Ginger takes this kombucha to a whole other level. The comfort we find in the familiar flavor of ginger will satisfy your taste buds and keep you sipping. Ginger contains chemicals that may reduce nausea and inflammation. Researchers believe the chemicals work primarily in the stomach and intestines, but they may also work in the brain and nervous system to control nausea. The compilation of ingredients work together to create a multitude of benefits in each bottle we fill.

Keep yourself healthy as the new season strikes and try our new Ginger Reishi kombucha.




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How to Alkalize + Energize!


Did You Know?
There is not doubt our internal system is more delicate than we could imagine especially when it comes to the pH of our blood. Most are not aware that above or below the recommended pH range could lead to problematic symptoms and even disease. Maintaining a slightly alkaline state between 7.35 – 7.45 is just the right pH to keep our systems operating at an optimum level. When blood is below a neutral pH (7.0) it is considered that the blood is acidic, above neutral (7.0) blood is considered to be alkaline.

What Causes Acidity?
Due to the Standard American Diet (SAD), our bodies are more apt to be acidic. Acid-forming foods are red meat, poultry, grains and dairy –the American diet has plenty of this, am I right? However, when our blood leans toward acidity our immune system weakens, fatigue increases, our body becomes less apt to detoxify organs making your body a potential environment for bad bacteria and disease to thrive.

Stress will also increase acidity! When you experience emotional stress your body releases acid-forming hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline that is released into the body and creates inflammation. Inflammation in the body signals that your body is working to repair something. When your system is in a constant state of repair you become rundown and your immune system suffers greatly. Lack of exercise and bad habits will also form acid in the blood.

Now What?
The very first step, take it day by day and make small changes in your routine. Start your day with an intention. It will help you in eliminating the chatter in your head and focus on the purpose you are putting on your day. Introduce a 5-minute meditation practice, science suggests that even 1-minute is beneficial to your body. Move your body! It will help reduce stress and increase endorphins in your brain helping to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Focus on self-care by getting a restful night sleep and slowing down, especially as the holidays approach. Most importantly, make small shifts in your diet. Increase alkaline-forming foods including most fruits, greens and vegetables, spices and herbs, beans, seeds and nuts. And drink plenty of water!

Our favorite alkalizing juice is Wheatgrass. It’s high concentration of chlorophyll helps deliver oxygen to the blood. It cleanses and repairs your system while providing numerous benefits.

Now that you’re more equipped, get out there an alkalize! We’d love to hear if you have something that works for you, share with us at info@fullyrooted.com.

Love + Light,

Amanda, Angelo + Ben

Why We Choose Hemp Mylk

We wanted to create a milk alternative that would be great for humans and the environment. After ditching the idea to make Almond Mylk because of the strain it creates on the environment, the Hemp Seed was presented as the most sustainable option. Ironically, this would also be the most nutritious option. The more we learn about the benefits of Hemp, we realize the right decision was made.

We should note that Hemp is not Marijuana. It’s the same species, but contains little to no THC (the psychoactive component of marijuana). It’s similar to the difference between the poppies that are grown for opium and the poppies that produce the seeds on a bagel.

Hemp seeds are such a unique and powerful food source, even containing it’s own Amino Acid that isn’t found anywhere else: Edestin. It is similar to our DNA, making it an easily digestible and usable plant protein. Hemp also maintains a perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 & 6 Essential Fatty Acids. These are vital to good health but cannot be synthesized by the human body, so we must consume them through food.

Not only is hemp a perfect super-food, it’s great for anyone with a food allergy, can be consumed when pregnant or nursing, and children will thrive on it! You can probably tell we get really excited about Hemp!

Our Original Recipe
It starts with environmentally friendly hemp seeds then mixed and pressed to produce a creamy & nutty milk. It is lightly sweetened with locally produced, nutrient-rich maple syrup and finished with a touch of raw vanilla bean.

More flavors coming soon. Let us know what you think!

-Amanda, Angelo & Ben

Hiking: It’s In Our DNA

Being outdoors, in a green space, and close to nature is good for the mind, body, and soul. Numerous studies show that proximity to nature and/or a natural environment decreases stress, increases serotonin, enhances calm, and provides the desire to connect with your body and the world around you.

The ability to be happy within our body and mind is directly related to our sense of wellness or well-being. Anyone who wants to add an edge of physical fitness and perhaps see varying aspects and locations within the natural world, can get those benefits from nature hiking with the added goodness of a physical fitness regimen.

While rummaging through some of my digital files recently, I came across this gem from the past Fall when me and my boys summited Mount Greylock, the highest point in Massachusetts. It was a challenging hike, especially for a 6 year-old and a 30 year-old with a little guy on his back. But, OH MAN was it fun! We met some great people, overcame some difficult terrain, and got to see some amazing views from a vantage point of 3,400 feet! I highly recommend the beautiful, and very much doable, hike up this mountain to anybody willing to step outdoors and conquer a mountain in New England!

The purpose of this blog is to share with you all the importance and incredibleness of nature and being in it. To play off of our company name: being in nature is allowing yourself to be fully rooted in the natural habitat of the human race. Nature is in our DNA. It is where we came from and what we know all too well on a primordial level. Which is why it should be no surprise that recent studies reveal that being in nature and/or a natural environment yields better health and a happier life. Wow!

“The key to better health may be as easy as stepping outside,” says one University of Illinois researcher, which is elaborated in the link provided below.

She also goes on to say that, “Exposure to nature increases people’s health outcomes even when interest in nature isn’t high and when socioeconomic status is considered.”

Here is the link to a wonderful article about the importance and benefits of being in nature and stepping into the outdoors:

Outdoor Exposure Good for Your Health

I dare you to plan a nature hike and take the necessary action to get outdoors and do so. It is amazing, liberating, and all-too natural on so many levels. The nice weather is finally among us and begging you to take advantage of it. The cool thing is that being with nature isn’t only for a certain type of person; it’s for all of us! Young, old, big, small, slow and fast! EVERYONE 🙂

To fresh air,

Mike & the Fully Rooted Crew