Medicine Wheel Moon Series Two: East/Air Tuesday, October 22nd

Medicine Wheel Moon Series Two: Tuesday, October 22nd East/Air

Using the breath and sound to connect our inner and outer worlds: An evening of Kirtan

Experience the gifts of healing that we receive and offer by connecting to our breath and using our voices to create sound and vibrations. Kirtan is an ancient form of call and response chanting originating in India. It is “a practice for cutting through the idea of separation for connecting our hearts and connecting to the moment through sound”, according to David Newman (a kirtan artist and educator).

We will be exploring the power of melodic chant: drawing from the yogic tradition of Kirtan, a call and response form of sacred sounding, along with chants from other sacred streams as well to explore the power of Sound as gift from the heart with Christopher Kavi Carbone.

Christopher Kavi Carbone (E-RYT, C-IAYT) has been leading kirtan and chant events for over 20 years, beginning with his years in New York City as holistic health practitioner, yoga teacher, yoga therapist and expressive arts facilitator.

Christopher, with his wife Katherine, (E-RYT, C-IAYT) are co-founders and co-directors of “Present Moment Arts Center” and”Arts-in-Celebration!”, based in Newport, RI, featuring programs in the creative and healing arts for individuals and groups of all ages, as well as training programs for educators and other professionals. They also serve as faculty for Salve Regina University’s Graduate program in the Expressive & Creative Arts: Professional Applications, providing training in arts-based approaches to transformation and wellness.

Katherine Fotiades will serve as the facilitator for this four part moon series created to lead us towards reawakening and strengthening our connection to nature, which includes our connection to our inner selves.

Katherine has called together both longtime friends, as well as new friends to serve as the guides and educators for this special series. Together we will weave together a beautifully rich tapestry of wisdom,ceremony and simple mindfulness practices that you can take home and wrap yourself in throughout the winter season. May the tapestry woven by this tribe of kindred souls provide you comfort, rejuvenation and peace.

Each evening will begin with a simple ritual to honor the power that reside in each of the four directions and will be followed with a brief meditation. Our focus will then turn towards deepening our connection with the direction and element of the evening. Our time will close with a grounding ritual in order to allow the fullest integration of the wisdom and gifts that you have received.

Follow up Series:

Tuesday, November 5th Series Three South/Fire

Tuesday, November 19th Series Four West/Water

About Medicine Wheel Moon Series

The Medicine Wheel has been used for health and healing for many generations. By using this ancient and powerful symbol, we will prepare our bodies, minds and spirits for the deeply meditative and rejuvenating dark days of winter.

Together we will journey around the wheel honoring the Four Directions: North, East, South and West. Through practices of mindfulness and simple rituals we will offer our gratitude to the natural elements. We will also be using the energy of the Full and New Moons in October and November to support our intentions of preparing ourselves for the winter months of introspection.

By taking time to remember our connection to nature, we become more fully rooted in our connection to ourselves and each other and thereby become healthier and stronger both individually and collectively.

Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Venue: Fully Rooted Providence 159 Weybosset Street, Providence, Rhode Island, First Floor

Admission: $10 suggested donation to honor the time and knowledge of speakers, donations made upon arrival

Parking Details: Free parking is available in lot to right of the building on Eddy Street, on a first-come, first-serve basis 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes post event.

*We recommended participating  in the full series, but each evening can be attended individually.

How to Alkalize + Energize!


Did You Know?
There is not doubt our internal system is more delicate than we could imagine especially when it comes to the pH of our blood. Most are not aware that above or below the recommended pH range could lead to problematic symptoms and even disease. Maintaining a slightly alkaline state between 7.35 – 7.45 is just the right pH to keep our systems operating at an optimum level. When blood is below a neutral pH (7.0) it is considered that the blood is acidic, above neutral (7.0) blood is considered to be alkaline.

What Causes Acidity?
Due to the Standard American Diet (SAD), our bodies are more apt to be acidic. Acid-forming foods are red meat, poultry, grains and dairy –the American diet has plenty of this, am I right? However, when our blood leans toward acidity our immune system weakens, fatigue increases, our body becomes less apt to detoxify organs making your body a potential environment for bad bacteria and disease to thrive.

Stress will also increase acidity! When you experience emotional stress your body releases acid-forming hormones such as cortisol or adrenaline that is released into the body and creates inflammation. Inflammation in the body signals that your body is working to repair something. When your system is in a constant state of repair you become rundown and your immune system suffers greatly. Lack of exercise and bad habits will also form acid in the blood.

Now What?
The very first step, take it day by day and make small changes in your routine. Start your day with an intention. It will help you in eliminating the chatter in your head and focus on the purpose you are putting on your day. Introduce a 5-minute meditation practice, science suggests that even 1-minute is beneficial to your body. Move your body! It will help reduce stress and increase endorphins in your brain helping to alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. Focus on self-care by getting a restful night sleep and slowing down, especially as the holidays approach. Most importantly, make small shifts in your diet. Increase alkaline-forming foods including most fruits, greens and vegetables, spices and herbs, beans, seeds and nuts. And drink plenty of water!

Our favorite alkalizing juice is Wheatgrass. It’s high concentration of chlorophyll helps deliver oxygen to the blood. It cleanses and repairs your system while providing numerous benefits.

Now that you’re more equipped, get out there an alkalize! We’d love to hear if you have something that works for you, share with us at

Love + Light,

Amanda, Angelo + Ben