Refund Policy


Fully Rooted offers the ultimate, 365-day refund policy for products. We offer support and advice before, during and after the sale to ensure you make the best buying decision. But, if for any reason, you need a refund, we provide you with the opportunity, so drink with confidence!

You may receive a total refund of any amount for products purchased, if you cancel the sale before the order is processed. Most orders process and/or ship same day. If you cancel your order after it has been shipped, it will be processed as a return with fees accrued by any credit card processing company.

Refunds are determined on a case by case basis and always want to make sure every customer is satisfied with their experience. All products are unpasteurized so refrigeration is a must at all times. Shelf life varies depending on the product and recipe but the “use by date” is always on each bottle so please make sure to refrigerate and consume before that date.

Incorrect products delivered due to our error will be immediately rectified by us. We will gladly schedule a pick up and replace the product with no additional charges to and from your location. If a refund is preferred we can certainly arrange that as well!


When Fully Rooted Inc. Receives your returned merchandise

Please call us at 1-401-753-4930 or send an email to with any questions.



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